Saturday, September 4, 2010

Even at 6 years old she hopes for peace...


"There is no path to peace. Peace is a path" - Mahatma Gandhi

Jayden (and her buddy Tristan) participated in the Eugene Celebration Parade last week.  The group they walked with was the Nobel Peace Laureate Project.
To provide some background...

Jayden's Kindergarten class was a part of the Peace Quilt's journey spreading peace all over the world.  What is the Peace Quilt, you ask?  Retired Teacher, Lura Pierce, has spent the last year gathering children's Visions of Peace using her beautiful butterfly quilt. From Oregon to Russia she's traveled listening as children created and shared their own Visions of Peace.  

Each child's Vision of Peace included a picture of their vision, and WOW were they inspirational!
Each of these amazing postcards was sent to Oprah asking her to join the quilt at the opening of the local Nobel Peace Park (

The parade was a wonderful way to spread Visions of Peace.  

Nobel Peace Laureates
The group won First place for Best View and Best of Show out of more than 75 entries!!

Jayden and her Teacher, Diana.
What did Jayden say about the parade?  

"First we had to get in order, in a straight line.  I got to wear butterfly wings and Tristan carried someone's vision of peace.  We walked together and sang a song about peace. Everyone waved at us and cheered.  We just want everyone to be peaceful."

Ta Da!
Think Oprah will show up? 


To see more about this local peace project check out Lura's blog at:

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