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 JAN. 2012 (2nd Grade)
MLK Day Build A Dream House Project
Jayden built a little house for Habitat for Humanity!

Yes, a tiny, artful house to be displayed and sold at the DIVA Gallery in downtown Eugene. The proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity and help build a real home for someone in need.  Jayden put a creative spin on the project and made her house into a bird house!


Feb. 2011 (1st Grade)
Jayden's School has a bulletin board up at the library right now.  
While we were there one day we realized that Jayden had some art AND a poem on display!
Jayden's Fish


Jayden's World Map
(Kindergarten, Fall 2009)

J's Kindergarten Research project
(March 2010)
"Tasmanian Devils"

A budding artist...

4 years old


This is a poem that J memorized at school this fall (Kindergarten).  
She came home one day reciting it.  It was great.


"Mom, this is me in my crib.  My mobile is hanging over me so 
I can watch it while I'm supposed to be sleeping.  And that's you singing to me."
3.5 years old

Planting a rainbow...



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