Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kayla, another story by Jayden

By Jayden

Chapter 1
Kayla rescues her sister

Kayla was a beautiful speckled grey unicorn.  She had a marking shaped like a teardrop barely showing under the bangs of her scarlet mane.
“Ouch! What was that for?” Kayla asked her little sister Mangetalia.
“He He!” Mangetalia said, “Yow got pinchied!”
Yeah, thanks for the information, thought Kayla as she went outside.
She stomped all the way out to the fort she had made out of six hollow logs and unpoison ivy.
Suddenly, red sparks flew up, directly from Wintergreen River.  Kayla rushed over.  It was Charlette, the bully that was always shoving other unicorns around.
“Ohhh, Kayla, Badger got your tongue?" Charlette taunted, pointing at a little magenta unicorn drifting down the river.
“You didn't!” snarled Kalya. 
Charlette answered, “Oooh, no. That's the Mangetalia brat. She's too stupid.”
“You!” spat Kayla.  She tried to knock Charlette out of the way.
“No use, brat!” cackled Charlette.
“Oof!”  Kayla reared up with her hind legs and finally knocking Charlette away, Kayla raced upstream, only stopping once to catch her breath.
Kayla found her sister.  Gripping Mangetalia's tail very tightly, Kayla pulled with all her might.
Mangetalia and Kayla tumbled backwards out of the water.
“Whoopee!” shouted Mangetalia gleefully. 
“Our adventure's not over yet,” said Kayla, and they both fell over into a fit of giggles.

Chapter 2
The First Annual Race of the Unicorns

“No, Ka-Ka, I beet you dare!” chanted Mangetalia.
Their Mother was a Wizard's race unicorn, and Kayla was in the race with her Mother.  Their Mom's name was Luna.
“Excited, my little champion?” asked their Mom.
“Yup!!!” said Mangetalia.
“She meant me,” snapped Kayla.
“Oh poo!” answered Mangetalia, turning a brilliant shade of red.
“Welcome to the unicorn races!” yelled the squat wizard. 
The wizards went wild.  “Yeah!”

“Whahoo!” they screamed.
“Number one, Misty!” More cheers.
“Number two, Luna!”  Kayla joined the cheering for her Mom.
“Coming up in the third lane is Sunny!”  Boos and more cheering.
“Four, Charlette!”
“Five, brat Ka-Ka” whispered Charlette to Kayla.  Oh no, thought Kayla.  We will see who wins.
“Number five, a new racer here with her Mom, Kayla!”  The whole crowd seemed to cheer her on.
“Last, Raspberry!”  Even more cheering.
“Now, on your marks, get set, GOOOO!” screamed the announcer.
“And, Kayla comes up, she's in the lead!”  Kayla had just noticed.  Yes!
“Luna at second place.  Charlette brings up the rear!” 
Double yay! She thought, speeding up happily.
“Whoa! Kayla speeds up and goes fifteen yards ahead, rounds a corner, and then she's almost to the finish line...”

Chapter 3
Finishing the Argument

“…Kayla won the first annual unicorn Race!!!” screamed the squat wizard.
“The Arguments over,” panted Charlette. “I'll never bother you again.” 
“Hem,” said Kayla impatiently.
“Or Mangetalia.”
“Hem!” said Kayla a little louder.  “All right, I promise!” shouted Charlette, so loud that many unicorns turned to see who had shouted.
Later that evening, Kayla went home with a gold medal around her neck.  Then their Mom trotted in wearing a bronze medal.  Second place, thought Kayla (in unicorn races, bronze was second place).
“Nice one, Mum!” exclaimed Kayla.  “This calls for a celebration!” she added.
“I s'pose,” said their Mom.
“I'll got the cake!” said Mangetalia.
“Mmmm!” said Kayla.  “This is delicious cake!” she added, seeing the sharp look she got from her Mom.

The End