Friday, December 7, 2012

Spike the Dragon

Written and Illustrated by Jayden Myers

         Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Spike. Spike lived in a cave all by herself. The cave was silent and dark. Spike's mother had been shot many years ago when Spike was a teeny tiny baby dragon, (baby dragons are red).  Later on, Spikes' father fled from a forest fire and accidentally dropped Spike as he flew up into the air.  He thought Spike was dead and didn't realize that Spike had survived falling through the burning forest.

         After his fall, Spike learned to take care of himself in the woods.

         One warm spring day, Spike went for a walk in the woods. Spike played with the butterflies in the meadow for an hour and a half.  This is getting a little boring, Spike thought, moving on. So Spike left and headed towards the big (or even huge!) Fairy-lantern Forest.

         Spike met a bear and her cubs. The baby bear cub's mother needed to go out and pick the cub's dinner.  Their dinner was going to be fresh huckleberries. Yum!

         Spike wanted to help.  So, Spike offered to watch the bear cubs. Then, after Momma Bear left, Spike and the bear cubs played a game called “find-the-cubs.”

         When the Momma bear returned, she had picked a TON of huckleberries.  She was grateful for Spike's help watching her cubs (and not losing them) so she invited Spike to eat dinner with them.  Spike accepted.  After that day, Spike and the bears stayed friends forever. Spike sat in the shade the next morning. The bear cubs, Lilypad, Penelope, and Firewhisker,
were playing werewolf piles, a game where you eat a bouquet of brussel sprouts. The bears quickly took care of Spikes' boredom. “Come play!Come play!” the little bears chorused. As they wolfed down sour-and-sweet sprouts, another dragon crept in the shadows.

      “Father!” screamed Spike right when she saw the familiar face.

   Is it him? Spike thought rapidly. And it was! As you can tell, they lived happily ever after, after that, including forever!

The end!

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