Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Projects!

Summer Projects!

A hole in the house?

Grandpa recently added a new window to the basement of our home.  
He did an amazing job!  
A huge hole!

The new window is in place.

The trim and finish work are done.

The new window has added so much 
light to the kids' playroom.  
Thanks Dad!  We love it!!!


A new fence.... in stages.
Stage 1: 
Teresa's Dad helped her dig and cement in the new posts. The old fence was nearly falling dow

Stage 2:
The brackets and supports were added.

Stage 3:
Down comes the old fence!  Hurray!!
Stage 4: 
We had 5 yards of dirt delivered, and then moved it up inside the new fence.

Stage 5:
With the help of some wonderful, hard-working friends... 
the new fence boards went up!

Stage 6:  
The final touches!

We're very excited about the extra yard space, 
added privacy and beautiful new fence!

Thank you to everyone that helped us with this huge project!!!


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