Friday, December 10, 2010

In case you were wondering about....

A day in the life of Super Mom.  Here's what we did today:

5 kids painted beautiful pictures. Only one spill. Success!

27 books read.  Including the same book read 3 times in one sitting.

<-----Our new favorite.

1 Dinosaur puzzle completed, four times in a row. 0 pieces lost.

3 loads of laundry washed and folded (nobody said putting them away was required).

 2 owies kissed, and tears dried.  Hello Kitty bandaids promptly applied with lve.

4 sandcastles, 3 mudpies, 2 sand cookies and 1 volcano built in the sandbox (and all promptly destroyed or "eaten").

TV shows watched.

7 songs sung (silly made up voices included).

6 diapers changed (which makes me glad my youngest is a year passed this stage!)

7 craft projects made with pure excitement.  Complete with glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, stickers and ribbon. Brave or Crazy? You make the call.

1 dead frog removed from the fish tank without the children seeing. Now how to replace it before they notice it's gone?

3 Block towers stacked up high.  (And I quote, "it really was the dog that knocked it over..... for real!").  Said dog is six inches tall and stuffed.

1 batch of cookies baked.  10 little hands helped.  1 egg dropped on the floor.  

5 naps were taken by tuckered out kiddos. 1 child awakened by 2 playful kittens.

4 problems solved peacefully.  Countless toys shared.  6 conflicts avoided. 9 acts of caring between friends. 

2 games of cards played.  Who knew that Go Fish could cause so many giggles?!

11 spontaneous hugs.  Pure joy. 

2 CD's of music danced to ~ in dress-up clothes and shoes four sizes too big, (the kids dressed-up, not me).  

167 little plastic bears counted and sorted in increments of ten to twenty.  Only once did 13 come after 17.

19 meals prepared. (Do I dare mention the # of dishes washed???  Never mind.  Lost count.)

And I saw more smiles than anyone could count.  
A perfect day.  

Now all I need is a cape and superpowers.


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